The "Tradition"

The contributions of Black people to Jubilee music altered the tradition of the quartets. In Black culture, a Jubilee quartet meant more than just four people singing. Black artists breathed life into the quartet by adding more harmonies, sounds, and singers to this genre of music. Even within Jubilee music’s Gospel period, there was improv, lead vocals, and sometimes shouting. There was a natural addition of expression and passion from Black people that made Jubilee’s music more dynamic. Their influence even changed how their white counterparts were commonly performed; the tradition was changed because of groups like the Golden Gate Quartet.

The Transformation

Musical groups like the Golden Gate Quartet and Jubilee music overall influenced its succeeding musical groups. The Temptations is an example of that. Even though The Temptations belong to another music genre, their structure of five men singing in harmony is the same as a Jubilee quartet. Jubilee quartets from the 1800-1900s have influenced many other groups like New Edition, (early) Destiny’s Child, and Anderson Paak and the Free Nationals. Jubilee music has been transformed into and connected to other music genres, including soul, pop, etc. The foundation of Jubilee music and Jubilee quartets still remains.

The Transfusion

Jubilee music has transformed into other genres; however, Jubilee music is a transfusion of its predecessors. Jubilee music incorporates the use of instruments similar to Folk music as an enhancement to the artistry. Traces of spirituals are also found in Jubilee music, like improvisation employed in songs. There is a link from one type of music to another. 



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