Black on Broadway

Black on Broadway Black theatre has become a staple in performance style, music and acting over the years, making it the primary influence of many musical theatre performances today.  History of Black Musical Theatre Black theatre has roots in minstrel shows which were often put on by white performers to imitate black stereotypes for comedic […]

Salvation in Song: Gospel at Apollo Records

Salvation in Song: Gospel at Apollo Records Gospel music has always served as encouragement for the Black community as they navigate the difficulties of oppression in America. Gospel music gave Black America hope during times of transformation including the Great Migration and the Civil Rights Movement. As early black artists signed to record labels their […]

Jazz’s Impact on the Civil Rights Movement

Jazz’s Impact on the Civil Rights Movement Swing jazz was enjoyed by both black and white audiences, which is what allowed the genre to play a major role in influencing the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. With black jazz artists holding the American public’s interest, these artists had control over the music and, therefore, […]

Ida Cox: “The Uncrowned Queen of Blues”

Ida Cox: “The Uncrowned Queen of Blues” In early Blues music, many female artists were headlining the genre and making a name for themselves. Famous Blues artists such as Mamie Smith, Bessie Smith, and Lucille Hegamin are great artists who are often mentioned in relation to the Blues genre, but Ida Cox is often overlooked. […]

Folk Music’s Hidden Messages

Folk Music’s Hidden Messages Folk music is derived from Africa and has migrated to the United States as a result of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. This genre of music focuses on storytelling and the expression of emotion to convey a message. Folk music amongst enslaved Africans allowed a tradition to stay alive throughout in the Americas […]

Ragtime’s Exploitative Documentation

Ragtime’s Exploitative Documentation Lost in Translation The ragtime genre thrived from 1896-1920. As ragtime’s influence transferred from the black community into mainstream media, the common means of music creation was different. Folk music and negro spirituals were documented through oral tradition, now ragtime music was now being documented on sheet music. Many white people transcribed […]

How Jubilee Quartets Transitioned With Black America

What Sparked the Transition? The Great Migration took place between 1910-1920, in which Blacks from rural areas of the South migrated to the North in an effort to receive better educational and social opportunities. As a result of this migration, Black communities created an influx of personal religious, social, and economic opportunities. As The Great […]

The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening What was The Great Awakening? The Great Awakening was a period of the revival of the Christian religion in the American colonies which started around 1740. Over 100 hundred years after Africans arrived in North America, around 1619, did the Great Awakening take place. As enslaved Africans began to practice Christianity, they […]