Author: Gabriana Simmons

Gabriana Simmons

Why I shouldn’t have to take the final Throughout this course during this semester, I have been able to gain a better understanding of the

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Techno from the Past

Origin and Influences Techno music (also known as underground dance music) originated in Detroit, Michigan in the late 1980s. Techno music came along with the

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Hip-Hop Evolution

Origin Hip Hop emerged in South Bronx, New York in 1970. While early Hip Hop was often dance music, the genre also picked up where

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Rhythm & Blues

Motown RecordsA look on one of the most famous record labelsClick Here Motown Records is an American record label that started in 1959. Motown was

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Old Vs. New Gospel

Gospel Gospel music is the form of African-American religious music. Gospel evolved in urban communities after the Great Migration of Blacks. Gospel has been around

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Black & Blues

Black & Blues

The Blues originated in the Deep South of Mississippi Delta during the 1920s. The Blues became a staple for the black communities to express themselves

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History of Jazz

The Roaring 20’sA look back on the rise of JazzHistory of Jazz Origin and Influences Jazz first became big in New Orleans, Louisiana. The presence

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Jubilee Quartets

The Winans Brothers

The Story of The Winans BrothersA look back at the rise of the Quartet group: The Winans Introduction The Winans Brothers were a jubilee quartet

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The Rise of Negro Spirituals

The Rise of the Negro SpiritualsTaking a look back on the creation of Negro Spirituals Origin and Influences of Negro Spirituals Negro Spirituals derived from

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