Gabriana Simmons

Why I shouldn’t have to take the final Throughout this course during this semester, I have been able to gain a better understanding of the history of black music. I have gained a lot of new information, which I was able to display my understanding in all my post. I feel that I should be […]

Techno from the Past

Origin and Influences Techno music (also known as underground dance music) originated in Detroit, Michigan in the late 1980s. Techno music came along with the advancement of technology. Many black people began to lose their jobs due to the advancement of technology. They took that technology to create techno. Many believed that techno was the […]

Hip-Hop Evolution

Origin Hip Hop emerged in South Bronx, New York in 1970. While early Hip Hop was often dance music, the genre also picked up where certain 70’s Soul left off, serving as a vehicle for social commentary. The South Bronx community leader Afrika Bambaataa used the term ‘hip-hop’ for the first time.  The period between […]

Rhythm & Blues

Motown RecordsA look on one of the most famous record labelsClick Here Motown Records is an American record label that started in 1959. Motown was a black-owned, black-centered business that gave white America something they just could not get enough of — joyous, sad, romantic, mad music. Motown was founded by Berry Gordy Jr. in […]

Old Vs. New Gospel Gospel Gospel music is the form of African-American religious music. Gospel evolved in urban communities after the Great Migration of Blacks. Gospel has been around since the early twentith-century and has evovled in many ways. This post compares the two songs, “Oh Happy Day”(1968) and “Awesome”(2012).  by Edwin Hawkins Oh Happy day is a […]

Black & Blues

The Blues originated in the Deep South of Mississippi Delta during the 1920s. The Blues became a staple for the black communities to express themselves through their lyrics. The emergence of Blues came during the Jim Crow period. Blues allowed for Black communities to challenge stereotypes placed upon them and lead the way in the […]

History of Jazz

The Roaring 20’sA look back on the rise of JazzHistory of Jazz Origin and Influences Jazz first became big in New Orleans, Louisiana. The presence of French, Spanish, Creole, and African American populations created a diverse of cultural influence in New Orleans. The emergence of Jazz is often explained as the meeting of uptown of […]

The Winans Brothers

The Story of The Winans BrothersA look back at the rise of the Quartet group: The Winans Introduction The Winans Brothers were a jubilee quartet group consisting of Marvin, Carvin, Michael, and Ronald Winans. They were all born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. They were raised by their Christian parents. Inspired by singing in their […]

The Rise of Negro Spirituals

The Rise of the Negro SpiritualsTaking a look back on the creation of Negro Spirituals Origin and Influences of Negro Spirituals Negro Spirituals derived from slavery. It symbolized the slave population’s unique expression of Christian religious values and ideals tempered by the social, cultural, and physical experience of prolonged involuntary servitude (Burnim & Maultsby 50). […]

Folk Music

Folk MusicA look into the history of folk music Origin and Influences of Folk Music Folk music first became known when Africans were forcefully brought to America by slave traders. Africans created folk music as a sense of community away from their home and into new territories. With different styles, rhythms, and instruments, Africans were […]