Joe “King” Oliver

  Joe “King” Oliver, Joseph Nathan Oliver,  is one of the most prominent figures in the jazz era. Oliver was a jazz cornet player and bandleader. Oliver is known for his musical skills of incorporating mutes, derbies, bottles and cups. Oliver began his musical talents as he joined a children’s brass band, formed by a Walter […]

Terms of Detroit Techno

Techno: A form of dance music that emerged in Detroit in the early to mid-1980s that primarily features electronic instruments, including drum machines, multitrack mixers, computers, and samples. House of Music: A style of electronic music originating in gay Black clubs in Chicago in the 1980s. Rave: A large scale, a night party featuring electronic dance music, […]

What difference does it make ?

In the previous class, we compared the meaning of music today versus past musical genres that helped influenced today’s music, for instance, jazz, blues, secular and more. The song we analyzed was Gucci Gang. In my opinion, music is vital in the African Diaspora by expression of feelings, emotions and everyday challenges. This can be […]

Kirk Franklin

Native of Fort Worth, Texas Reared in the church by his Aunt Rebellious teen years lead him to stay in the church Close friend died from an accidental shooting Natural talent of reading/writing music and playing by ear Co-founded the Gospel Group The Humble Hearts Recognized by Milton Biggham Lead the DFW Mass Choir Franklin […]