Clive Campbell

Childhood and Early Life DJ Kool Herc, originally known as Clive Campbell, is the eldest of six children. He was born on April 16, 1955. His parents, Keith and Nettie Campbell, raised their children in Kingston, Jamaica. While there, Clive was exposed to dance halls, which are popular neighborhood parties in the Caribbean. He also […]

Final Post

Links to Post Why I Shouldn’t Take the Final I should be exempt from taking the final because I constantly produce good work. I rarely miss class. The only times I have missed class is when I get back from drill(military) Monday and my flight is late. I also shouldn’t have to take the final […]


Origin: Detroit, commonly known as the Motor City, was the founding city of techno. The artists that are credited with its establishment are known as “The Belleville Three”. The members included: Juan Atkins who was the initiator, Derrick May( the innovator), and Kevin Saunderson(the elevator). Because the three were one of the few Blacks in […]

R&B: Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes

Group members: Harold Melvin, Teddy Pendergrass , Bernard Wilson, David Ebo, Dwight Johnson, Jerry Cummings, Lawrence Brown, Lloyd Parks, William Spratley, Don Haney, Roosevelt Brodie, Jesse Gillis Jr., Franklin Peaker, John Atkins,Jerry Cummings,Sharon Paige, Gil Saunders,& Robert Cook Origin: Founded in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in the 1950s as the Charlemagnes.1954, with a lineup consisting of lead […]


Gospel Gospel music is deeply rooted in African American culture, specifically formulated during slavery. After being forced into the religion of Christianity by their Christian missionaries, slaves took the religion and made it their own. Slaves created “negro spirituals”, which added rhythm and harmonies to their religious music. Gospel music descended directly from negro spirituals […]

Sonny Rollins

Background Sonny Rollins was born “Theodore Walter Rollins” on September 7, 1930 in New York City. As a child, he started as a pianist, but then switched to the alto saxophone to emulate Louis Jordan. But at the age of 16, he switched again to the tenor saxophone, inspired by his idol Coleman Hawkins.  After […]

Black and Blues

Origin: The Blues genre formed at the turn of the 20th century in the Deep South. The heart of the genre was in Mississippi Delta. During this time, the  severe limitations of African American rights led to the creation of the blues.  The implementation of Jim Crow laws are the leading reason why African Americans […]


Jubilee- The Dixie Hummingbirds

The Dixie Hummingbirds Origin Jubilee quartets were popularized during the early 20th century. Some different type of quartets include: university, minstrel, barbershop and community-based jubilee quartets. Jubilee quartets didn’t contain improvisation, but some quartets had groups with a designated lead.  Elements The name quartet in the African American tradition is not defined by the number […]

Folk Music

Folk Music Origin Folk music originated in the 19th century, when the enslaved Africans came over to the new land. It was a way to tell their story.Because they were forced to a new area without any of their original instruments, they had to be creative. It was a compilation of songs and music made […]

Negro Spirituals

Negro Spirituals Origin Negro spirituals originated  when Africans were pillaged from their home and sent to America to be enslaved. While in America, slave owners often forced them to convert to Christianity, ultimately making them more submissive. Under their harsh working conditions, they made songs that could describe their experiences or even praised their newfound […]

Ashley Hall intro post

I’m Ashley Hall, a junior Biology Major from Detroit, Michigan. I’m an Aquarius, my birthday is February 14. I’m in the Air Force and I speak German fluently because of my grandfather. I want to become a doctor, specifically an OB/GYN. I have 4 siblings, of which I am the oldest. My favorite color is […]