Marian Anderson Brings Spirituals to the National Stage

Nearly four score after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation that released African-Americans from bondage, Marian Anderson utilized the genre morphed from slavery to stand against discrimination midway through the Jim Crow era and unintentionally serve as a pioneer of the Civil Rights Movement in the decades to follow.   A Brief History of Negro […]

The Journey of Arranged Spiritual singer Marian Anderson

The Journey of Arranged Spiritual Singer Marian Anderson Marian Anderson was the greatest arranged spiritual singer to ever live. Her talent was recognized at a very young age and she eventually became known worldwide. Although she faced many trials in career due to segregation, she continued to complete many great accomplishments.  Where It All Began […]

Marian Anderson: The Voice of the Arranged Spiritual

Marian Anderson: The Voice of the Arranged Spiritual Who is she? Marian Anderson was born on February 27, 1897 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her family was extremely faith based and was well connected within the church.Marian herself was involved in the junior church choir where she really found her love for music. Her parents couldn’t afford […]

Lift Every Voice and Sing Review – Kendall Jones

Many people don’t realize that lift every voice and sing was originally written as a poem and was first performed at a celebration for President Abraham Lincon. Now, the piece is directly associated with African Americans’ continued to fight for freedom and equality. It culturally referred to as “The Negro National Anthem”. I liked how […]