Negro Spirituals: The Invisible Church

During Slavery, African Americans were banned from meeting up for worship and church services without the supervision from whites. Because they were not allowed to hold their own services legally, they found ways to worship in secret, in defiance of the laws placed against them. The laws that prohibited them from gathering together without the […]

The background history of Negro Spirituals and Hymns

The background history of Negro Spirituals and Hymns What is a Negro Spiritual?   A Negro Spiritual is a genre of music particularly composed by African Americans with the story/meaning of Christianity behind it. This genre of music expressed social/physical experiences from person to person. And those that were enslaved. These spirituals also made it […]

Spirituals vs Hymns

Spirtuals vs Hymns Spirituals were the religious music of the African enslaves from the beginning of the 18th centenary until the Emancipation Proclamation in 1865. It is an expression of Christianity religion from culture, social and physical experiences of involuntary servitude. African enslaves viewed the Christian faith differently from the slaveholders’ point of view; they […]

Negro Spirituals and Hymns

Negro Spirituals and Hymns        In the early 1740’s, the period of spiritual awakening, also known as the great awakening, gave birth to the genre of Negro Spirituals and Hymns.         These songs and hymns were used as a way for black people to embrace, celebrate and practice their form of […]

Spiritual vs Hymns

Spirituals vs. Hymns Introduction Spiritual and hymns play a big role in African American music and culture. It demonstrated how enslaved African Americans would use Spiritual and Hymns as a way of self-expression. Though they are similar, Spirituals and hymns are not the same. What is a ? Spirituals are the earliest form of religious […]

Negro Spirituals – A Unique and Symbolic Thread in African American Culture

One of the earliest forms of religious music developed in black culture in America is the spiritual. The genre of music came out of slavery and symbolized the slaves’ unique expression of Christian religious values and ideals tempered by the social, cultural, and physical experience of prolonged involuntary servitude. It is impossible to determine the […]