Are you really hearing me?: Unveiling the Double Entendre

Are you really hearing me?:Unveiling the Double Entendre in Negro Spirituals by: Angel Milton Double Entendre? What’s That? The term “Double Entendre” is derived from the French language, translated word for word meaning “double message.” Although “Double Entendre” isn’t used in the French language, the real translation is “Double sens, double signification, double message.” In […]

Hidden Plans: Dissecting the Truth

Hidden plans: Dissecting the truth What is a Double Entendre? A phrase of words with two meanings. Sometimes both meanings are obvious, and other times the meanings require critical thinking. In plain words, it is a song text with a double meaning.  Why are Double Entendres significant? double entendres are intended to have a secret […]

Unmasking Our Spirituals: Double Entendres Explained

Unmasking Our Spirituals: Double Entendres Explained Double entendres were more than just spiritual songs.  They were our savior in times of turmoil, and still are. What Are They? Double entendres were essentially negro spirituals with double meanings. The objective of these songs was to encourage slaves to crave freedom and flea plantations. The spirituals also […]