Hidden plans: Dissecting the truth

What is a Double Entendre?

A phrase of words with two meanings. Sometimes both meanings are obvious, and other times the meanings require critical thinking. In plain words, it is a song text with a double meaning. 

Why are Double Entendres significant?

double entendres are intended to have a secret message that goes beyond the human eye. slaves used double entendres to plan escapes and share messages that were not intended for others to understand.

This video further explains the importance double entendres. it zeros in on examples in Negro Spirituals.


Negro Spirituals' impact today

“Traditional slave songs” which have a significant roles in African American Society. African slaves would worship through song, and relay secret messages. They would use the meanings of scripture and apply t to their current situations. Today, double entendres are used music very often. It is commonly used in rap music and sometimes in pop songs. A lot of artists do not credit their use of double entendres to African slaves. However, their listeners praise their clever play on words from time to time. 

Here are a collection of Negro Spirituals to listen to.

Thesis Statement: Double entendres were created to spread secret information to slaves who understood it; the same is done in modern day music, but the majority of it's use does not resonate with why the slaves did it.

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