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Kevin Saunderson’s Elevation of Techno

When people first heard the sound, it was regarded as music from another reality entirely. However, once in its groove, you could never get out. Techno music was developed in the ’60s through ’70s in Detroit, Michigan. It made stark comparisons to House Music, an electronic sound that originated in Chicago, Illinois. The sound was […]

Wha-a-t in the Tech-n-ooo

… Where Are the Women in Techno? By: Demi Browder Detroit Techno Techno music started to become known around the 1980s and early 1990s. Specifically, Detroit Techno is what was known at the time, originated in the city of Detroit. This genre of music combined elements of electric technology and funk. Known Detroit techno artists […]

The Belleville Three and The Creation of Techno

The Belleville Three and The Creation of Techno Detroit is a city that has influenced a lot of different things in American society, whether it be music or automobiles. A vibrant city with a long history, Detroit was the birthplace of techno music and was the city that many of the pioneers of techno emerged […]


The music that keeps individuals hype and going all night long.

Techno Review-Kendall Jones

Before “techno” became a term for electronic music, the music, its people, and its culture were much more representative of overlapping underserved and marginalized communities. The Belleville Three is Detroits more popular black techno groups. The trio paved the way for a rich techno culture within the city and helped establish what is now the […]

Techno in Detroit

The Techno Way Detroit Techno is the beginning of Techno as we know it today. Techno is referred to as “Detroit Techno” when it is in its original form, origin, and definitive sound. Detroit Techno emerged during the 1980s and early 1990s.  The Belleville Three Juan Atkins Derrick May Kevin Saunderson Elements/Commodification Social Implications/Influence Futuristic/Cold […]