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Detroit Techno is the beginning of Techno as we know it today. Techno is referred to as “Detroit Techno” when it is in its original form, origin, and definitive sound. Detroit Techno emerged during the 1980s and early 1990s. 

The Belleville Three

Juan Atkins

Derrick May

Kevin Saunderson


Social Implications/Influence


 Raw percussion

Funky percussion

Detroit Techno music exploded across the world but did not as much as it could have in the USA. Therefore, many traveled out of the country to gig and make a living. Some moved out altogether. 

“The Belleville Three”- Produced their own tracks and mixes and recorded with various guises and labels. 

Today’s version of Techno

Gained momentum in Europe


“The Belleville Three” influenced the hype and spread of Detroit Techno. An underground scene grew around them and their pioneering acts. 

Branded the dance music as “techno” in 1988 due to international success. 

The Music Institute- Many Detroit techno key players opened this club which led to the emergence of the second wave of Detroit techno in the early 1990s 

“Movement” – annual event originally known as the Detroit Electronic Music Festival

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Jhanae Askew

Jhanae Askew

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