Bessie Smith: One Of The Most Famous Blues Singers

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The Exploitation of Blues

The Exploitation of Blues by Lila Gilliam The blues was a genre the originated in the South, inspired and influenced by slavery. I like to think of the genre as a spin-off of the Negro Spiritual and Folk Music- secular music that still tells a story and relates to the plight of the Black man […]

Women and the Blues: Freedom of Expression

by: Claire Jackson Blues music presented a way for Black women to express themselves and their independence in a very special way. Lyrics in the blues genre could sometimes be very expressive romantically and sexually, something that wasn’t often heard of in the 1920s and 1930s. Some very prominent singers of the time include Ma […]

The Faces Behind The Genre: How Black Women Shaped Blues Music And Their Lasting Impact

By: Gabrielle Weeden  How Did Blues Music Originate The Blues were a common musical genre from the 1860s to the 1960s and originated in the Mississippi Delta. This musical genre was formed as an escape from the daily hardships of working-class black people. The music of the blues genres is distinguished by its 12-bar song form. The Blues’ […]

Iconic Women of the Blues and their Impact on the Genre

Iconic Women of the Blues and their Impact on the Genre The Blues genre originated in the 1890s in the American Deep South, specifically in the Mississippi Delta. It has since become described by four distinctive characteristics: blues texts (the lyrics), instrumentation, blue notes, and blues form. The blues are also typically sung solo with […]

The Love of Blues

The Making of Blues Blues is a musical genre created by African American people for African American people meant to express a wide range of emotions.  Blues originated in the Mississippi Delta and was at the time considered poor man’s music. This music is supposed to be played when one is feeling blue (sadness and […]

Awww, Black and the Blues

Awww, the Black and the Blues Blues was the music of the 1980s, it was the theme song of movements. During the 1980s, record labels were in the fright of producing the next greatest Blues artists and songs. Blues music originated in the Mississippi Delta, and it was originally a poor man’s music. The race […]

Bessie’s Blues

Bessie’s Blues Thesis Blues is an important part of African-American music because it provided an outlet for unapologetic expressions and a way to define the humanity stripped from them due to enslavement in a post-slave era. About Blues music is a genre that allows artists to express their emotions, specifically their sadness. Blues quickly became […]

Known to be the Best Artists of Her Time: Bessie Smith

Known to be the Best Artists of her time: Bessie Smith Who was Bessie Smith ? Bessie Smith was born as Elizabeth Smith, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Growing up, Bessie would sing on street corners and find places in the south to perform. She was striving to be a blues singer. Eventually, Bessie’s performances rose her […]

The Wonderful Bessie Smith

The Wonderful Bessie Smith Smith was born on April 15, 1894, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She was one of seven children. Her father was a Baptist minister but died after her birth, making her mother raise her and her siblings alone. In 1906 her mother and two of her brothers died and Smith and her remaining […]

Femme Queer Expression in the Blues

Femme Queer Expression in the Blues Introduction The Blues contained one of the most emotionally-expressive and creative artists in its time. Originating in the deep-southern roots of the Mississippi Delta post-slavery, the blues gave artists the opportunity to express the many negative outcomes caused by black oppression in America. As well as addressing issues, female […]

Empress of Blues: Bessie Smith

Empress of Blues: Bessie Smith Blues: the genre of pain and sorrow. There literally could not have been another name that was more fitting for this genre, especially when we take a look at the personal lives of the most famous and popular blues singers. They were often going through serious economic, political and social […]