Gospel: Food for the Soul

By Avane Ervin

What is Gospel Music?

Gospel Music has been around since the early nineteenth century. During the beginning years of Gospel music, European Americans and Black Americans have used Gospel songs in mostly churches as a form of Christian music that celebrates God, Jesus, and everything under religion. Gospel music can be thought of as lyrical testimonies that promote the words of Jesus Christ and the belief that there is a God. Since its origin, gospel music has transformed through hip-hop, r&b, country music, and other non-traditional gospel genres. 

Traditional vs. Non Traditional

The video on the left is a two hour compilation of Gospel Music sang by Black choirs. This style of gospel is more traditional as the emotions of the singers are more vulnerable and the praise and worship uses more physical movement. Songs sang in traditional Black American gospel often times spoke of the literal word of Jesus Christ or personal testimonies. This type of gospel was normally practiced in churches and sacred religious spaces. The instruments used consisted of organs pianos, drums, guitars, and tambourines.

The video on the right is a video of a modern day Gospel singer. She uses cinematography to capture her particular way of worshipping. This is seen as non-traditional as most traditional gospel singers are recorded in a recording studio with visuals that would be displayed, either live or on a CD track. Hawthorne uses modern day hip-hop beats and  R&B to discuss personal testimonies and the word of Jesus Christ. This non-traditional form of gospel has become more widely-accepted amongst teens and young adults. 

A Look Into Ragtime

Ragtime was originally known as “ragging,” before it got its name. Due to this, the music was thought of as a genre in  “ragged time.”

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Ari Lennox

by Avane Ervin Courtney Shanade Salter“Ari Lennox” Courtney Shanade Salter also known as “Ari Lennox” is an American lyricist, singer, songwriter, and social media influencer.

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Artist Paper Sources

Avane Ervin Artist Paper Sources- Ari Lennox “Ari Lennox: Biography & History.” AllMusic, www.allmusic.com/artist/ari-lennox-mn0003462621/biography.   Hyman, Dan. “Ari Lennox Is Anxious To Drop Her Debut:

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