Does it Make a Difference or is the Difference Made? – Deja Bond


Do you hear the words differently

Are your glasses wiped off or Did you ever have them on?

How do you like your enlightenment?

In the closet or on the doorstep like the morning newspaper

Is this enlightenment like a diet

You will stick to it for a while and then will it fade away

Black music man

Post Malone is on the cover of Spotify’s Hip Hop

Hip Hop, Pop-Hop, Bop Top

I guess names don’t matter because they try to remove the soul from our music

Remove the blackness

Add ignorance

We become a part of an assembly line

One brainwashed listener produced by the masses

Anybody woke yet? Why you keep hitting snooze love?

If I told you that you were the most precious gift on earth

Would you say that nigga lying or would you spread the love

Thing is, whether you believe me or not…I pray you listen

They only exterminate what they are afraid of

Listen love, Listen darling, I’m not trying to sweet talk ya

But if even they cut off our history, they could never destroy us

We are always reborn

If you did not take anything from this lullaby, this poem

Take this

You make a difference because you are the difference

Spread your soul

Sleep is not for us

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Written By Deja Bond

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