Detroit Electronic Music

Detroit Electronic Music By: Whitney Holmes Introduction to Electronic Music In the late 1970s and early 1980s, a new genre of music had emerged in America. Unlike the previous genres of music, this genre of music was solely composed by using beats on the computer. Techno music originated in Detroit Michigan before it became the […]

20th Century v. 21st Century Gospel

20th Century v. 21st Century Gospel Music Origin of Gospel Music Gospel Music began after the Great Migration of blacks after the World Wars from the south to the north. Negro spirituals heavily influenced text Gospel music surprisingly was very controversial when it first began. Many religious blacks did not think the gospel could be […]

Black and Blues

Black and Blues By: Whitney Holmes How Did Blues Music Begin? During the turn of the twentieth century, several new forms of music by the black community began to develop. Simultaneously, many new racial tensions were increasing during this time. Along with jazz, ragtime, and gospel music, the birth of blues was beginning. It combines […]

The Impact of Chess Records

The Impact of Chess Records By: Whitney Holmes The Beginning… At the beginning of the 20thcentury, many African Americans migrated up north to places such as New York and Chicago to seek jobs and a better life for the families. With this migration, many new genres of music were started by black musicians. Consequently, […]

The Queen of Jazz

The Queen of Jazz By: Whitney Holmes “Music is the universal language… it brings people closer together.”– Ella Fitzgerald Background Information on Jazz Music Ella Fitzgerald is one of, if not the most, popular Jazz singer in America.  Jazz is often times considered to be the most revolutionary genre of African American music. Many Americans […]

The Beginning of African American Worship: Negro Spirituals

The Beginning of African American Worship: Negro Spirituals By: Whitney Holmes Origin of Negro Spirituals  Today, African Americans are infamous for worshipping through the music genre known as Gospel. Church and worship has been a significant factor in the black community. When slaves were brought to the American colonies, Europeans made it their mission to […]

The Beginning of African American Culture

By: Whitney Holmes One of the best things about the African American race is the amount of culture there is within the black community. Food, clothing, language, and history are just a few things the black community has contributed to American society. However, the most significant thing African Americans have contributed to American society and […]