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So Long, Farwell

I am very grateful to have taken this class, despite the work load. It was very informative and entertaining. I enjoyed learning about African American

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The Cultural Evolution of Hip-Hop

[embeddoc url=”” download=”none”]   Hip-hop was a cultural expression that first came about in the early 1970’s in the African-descent communities of Harlem and New

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“That Funky Stuff”

By: Gabrielle Brim Funky Roots Funk music was developed during the late 1960s by jazz and rhythm and blues musicians. Most of its musical elements

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Classically Blind

By: Gabrielle Brim   Origins  Classical music’s early form dates back to the Medieval and Renaissance Period in Europe, where plainsong emerged.  Plainsong lacked a

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A Time for Ragging

By: Gabrielle Brim Origins Ragtime music originated during the late nineteenth century. It was created and popularized by wandering African American musicians who could not

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Nobody Can Take Away My Blues

By: Gabrielle Brim The blues originated in Mississippi during the late nineteenth century. Artists during this time performed at small shacks and were most likely

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