Nobody Can Take Away My Blues

By: Gabrielle Brim

The blues originated in Mississippi during the late nineteenth century. Artists during this time performed at small shacks and were most likely not paid a lot or at all. However, Europeans were able to copy the elements of blues music and transform it into a new genre called rock and roll. As a result, they popularized the elements of blues internationally and made a great profit.

I find it interesting how easily the creativity was taken from blacks who were suffering in poverty without any credit being given to them. However, I believe that everyone has a gift and that the gifts were meant to be shared with others. I agree that it was wrong for Europeans to copy and make a profit off of the creativity and ideas from the people in Mississippi without acknowledging them. However, I believe the people in Mississippi were content with singing and playing the blues and acknowledged that their musical style was a gift to others, regardless if they misused it. At the end of the day, these individuals had the ability to create and develop anything that they put their minds to, and make profit off of it if they wanted. Thus, can it really be said that these early African American blues artists were cheated, when they were capable and equipped with so much more?

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