Gabrielle Brim’s IME


My name is Gabrielle Brim. I am a sophomore, dual degree Math and Engineering student from Conley, Georgia. I plan to get my master’s Degree once I complete the dual degree program, but I am unsure of what subject. After obtaining my master’s degree, I plan to become a biomedical engineer and work in the field of tissue engineering.


My mindset is very challenging. I always overthink or question the reasoning behind information. I like to think about topics in deeper contexts instead of receiving what’s on the surface.


My experience with music has been throughout all my life. I remember when I was two-years old outside listening to my brother’s high school marching band and enjoying every second. I also was exposed to r&b, jazz, soul, and gospel music by my parents and brother at a young age. I was involved in many music related activities throughout my life. I began playing the piano in elementary school, and then, in middle school, I learned how to play the flute. I participated in piano recitals and the school choir while in elementary school, and concert band and marching band in middle and high school. Although I do not currently do any music related activities, music is still one of the things in life that I cannot live without.

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