Techno music was developed in the 1980s and was influenced by mixtures of different types of sounds including: electro, funk, and electric jazz. The style of techno was influenced by futuristic themes that become the top tier style of American culture during that time. Techno is also very intersectional, there is acid techno, Detroit techno, […]


Folk music started as early as the 1930s and got its sound from traditional, rural music. Folk music was known for songs that usually pass throughout generations. It is learned by ear; the lyrics are not usually written down but remembered throughout the years. African American folk musicians that paved the way include: Huddie Ledbetter, […]


Gospel music is a genre of Christian music that originated negro spirituals and hymns. Gospel music is not secular, it is a reminder for Christians of the higher power we praise, the higher power being God. Gospel music promotes a spiritual connection with God and Christians. Gospel music gained popularity in the 1930s after negro […]

Musical Theater

Staged performances that included music, dance, and a bit of acting began about 2,500 years ago in ancient Greece; this staged performance later became known as musical theater. As time progressed new ideas were added to enhance musical theater, for example, using orchestra music. The first musical theater piece known to man is the Black […]


Discotheque, library of phonograph became short for disco. Disco is beautiful, vibrant combination of dance music and culture that began in the 1970s. Disco is a mixture of soul, pop, funk, and electronic dance music mainly used in clubs and public gatherings. Prominent disco artists include Donna Summer, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Prince, Earth, Wind […]

Sub Genre: Jazz

Nina grew up in a southern Methodist home and began singing in the church as a child like many other African American musicians. As she began adulthood, to make ends meet, she started to sing in bars and nightclubs, which her parents didn’t agree with because they thought she was doing a disservice to herself. […]


Jazz music is a great combination of ragtime and blues, it is not as sad as blues but has a similar melody and it is not as upbeat as ragtime. Jazz was originally a west coast slang term used around the early 1900s and later become the title for Jazz music in Chicago in 1915, […]

Jubilee Quartet

Jubilee quartets were derived from the Fisk jubilee singers after the ending of slavery; this began in 1871 by George L. White at Fisk University where student would sing Negro spirituals in hopes to raise money for the university. The term “jubilee” originates from the year of Jubilee when all slaves were to be freed. […]


Ragtime is a syncopated rhythm that was popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Many people used ragtime music for dancing or swinging. The most used instrument is ragtime is the piano which is referred to as piano thumbing because of the upbeat song. Ragtime was the main influence for jazz music, that gained […]


By: Brittney James Blues is called blues because the lyrics come from states of agitation or sadness. Blues originated on Southern slave plantations and gained its popularity in the 1920s. The first type of blues songs was called delta blues or Mississippi delta blues because it originated near the Mississippi river. Muddy Waters, McKinley Morganfield, […]

Negro Spirituals

Negro spirituals were sung by slaves, who were also Christians, as a way to explain their hardships. Since they were stripped of everything, it is said to believe that singing became a place of comfort for the slaves. Negro spirituals are also a prominent form of American folksong. Negro spirituals are still being sung in […]

Marian Anderson Review

Brittney James I really enjoyed this article because as a young Black woman it is always reassuring to know that Black women had major roles in the past society, even when they were not allowed to. After reading this article, I believe that Marian Anderson as a public figure should be just as known as […]

The true origin of folk review

This article was very insightful. A few changes that I would make is to add more evidence on the transitions of folk music to African Americans to White Americans. I would add at maximum to more African American folk artists. I think this would allow the author to dig deeper and give the audience a […]