Nina Simone and James Baldwin.

Nina grew up in a southern Methodist home and began singing in the church as a child like many other African American musicians. As she began adulthood, to make ends meet, she started to sing in bars and nightclubs, which her parents didn’t agree with because they thought she was doing a disservice to herself. Because she was very active in the civil rights movement, her career started to transform into something very bold.

In her element.

Nina Simone is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and civil rights activist. She performed many styles of music including jazz. Many knew her as the “High Priestess of Soul” because her voice was very distinct and easy for people to become engaged and intrigued by, hence one of her most famous songs “I put a spell on you.” This song still has an impact on the music and film industry, it has been covered by different artists and has been used in many romance movies, for example, Fifty Shades of Grey. The lyrics in the songs are very submissive, as she claims “And I don’t care, If you don’t want me, I’m yours right now.”