The Isley Brothers: Best In The Making

By: MacKenzie Fox

The Isley Brothers were the best selling group who were versatile with their music in the  funk, r&b and soul genres. They also influenced artists, being that many of their songs have been sampled.

The Isley Brothers were inspirational to many and created many hits, too many to count. They were incredibly influential to many artists, their music tended to be sampled by other artists. These artists consisting of The Beetles, Ice Cube, Notorious B.I.G., Ludacris, Common, Tupac and many more. They were very beneficial to Motown and Jimi Hendrix was part of their band at one point. They are known for their music being “love-making” music, and making so many catchy songs. Recently, they participated in a Verzuz with Earth, Wind, and Fire. Both had hits of course, but The Isley Brothers definitely won that one. After the Verzuz, both musical groups had an increase in sales but the Isley Brothers grew 420% in sales while Earth, Wind, and Fire grew 167% in sales. In their musical career they have won 2 grammy’s and 2 of their songs are in the grammy hall of fame. The lead vocalist, Ronald Isley is still producing music till this day. Below is a video of the Isley Brothers, “Footsteps in the Dark” and to the right is Ice Cube’s song, “Today Was Good Day in which he sampled Footsteps In The Dark. Their songs are hits while people who sample their songs tend to make hits as well.

Despite starting their music group in 1954, it’s living proof that they still continued to make hits as time has passed. A song made by them in 2003 called “Busted” was a hit. Age isn’t stopping them from continuing to pursue and produce music, specifically Ronald Isley. Below is the music video of “Busted” by the Isley Brothers.

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