Let’s Talk About Classical Music

Contrary to popular belief, classical music within the black community was active prior to the Civil War. Considering that most of these African American composers resided in the north, the African Americans received formal classical music instruction from immigrant European musicians, local practitioners &/or were self taught. Generally, the compositions written were based on European […]

Lets Talk About The Blues

Blues is a genre that has been embraced globally, by a staggering range of people from disparate cultures and ethnicities. Characterized for its soulful qualities, blues is arguably the most significant genre of music strictly because of its huge impact on all upcoming popular music genres and expressions like jazz, rock, country and so on. […]

“Commodification of the Blues” or “Racial Stratification”

Blues is a genre that has been embraced world wide from all kinds of people from various cultures and nationalities. This commercialization and popularization of the genre led to a lossage of the essence of the genre. Its historical and emotional context (black roots) were removed and no longer understood. This is demonstrated by various […]

Let’s Talk About The Ragtime Genre

A Jaida Langham Post The gag about ragtime is that it existed long before music was given a name. Ragtime refers to a performance style as opposed to a specific genre. It has African American musical roots, but through contemporary opinions there is a determination of the degree and quality of African American and European […]

Let’s Talk About The Quartet Genre

A Jaida Langham Post The African American quartet tradition is an artistic form with a unique history and aesthetic expression that originated in the mid 1800s. It is a synthesis of African American and Western practices, containing distinctive elements and sonic qualities that express cultural values and aesthetics of the African American community. In the context […]

Let’s Talk About Secular Folk Music

A Langham & McCants Collaboration Secular Folk Music embodies distinguishing characteristics of African music. Africans and Africans connected during times of dance and song. The Acculturated slaves and African slaves influenced each other and created their own culture of song and art. Because of the complexity of the influential impacts on both sides, African-American music […]

Jaida Langham’s IME

Ms. Langham’s Introduction / Mindset / Experience My name is Jaida Nicole Langham. I am a sophomore, dual degree engineering  computer science major, with a minor in mathematics, from Boston, MA. I would describe my mindset as a “growth mindset”; currently, I am focused on growing as a student, a friend, a young woman, as […]