Jaida Langham’s IME

Ms. Langham’s Introduction / Mindset / Experience

My name is Jaida Nicole Langham. I am a sophomore, dual degree engineering  computer science major, with a minor in mathematics, from Boston, MA.

I would describe my mindset as a “growth mindset”; currently, I am focused on growing as a student, a friend, a young woman, as a person overall. With that being said, I am trying to prioritize in the most efficient ways and hopefully along this growth journey begin to zero in on my purpose in life and my purpose in other people’s lives.

As for experience, I am unsure if you mean my experience with music or my life experience, so ill just briefly connect the two. I am consider myself as a very self aware person, I am open to the opinions of others , but I am quick to anger and offense; I turn to music throughout my day as a way to escape &/or just get hype or lit. I’m kind of a weirdo, like I love rap, hip-hop, and r&b; but I also like alternative & electronic (I feel like these genres get categorized as being ONLY “white”, but there are many black Djs and producers who contribute to these genres).  I am taking this course because:

1. if Im going to take a course about music… I would rather it be on music I actually care about = African American Music

2. Its a requirement

3. Ive had friends give positive reviews on this course.

I hope you all enjoy my presence and the things I contribute to the class, and I hope we are all able to learn from each other. WOOOHOOO .


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