The Black Music Experience: What’s the Difference?

Taking a class like Survey of African American Music was very important in my progression as a student of music and life at large. Music is expression and is always a reflection of the times whether its right or wrong. Black music is very much so apart of the American cultural experience. The difference between […]

Detroit techno: The Beat Lives On!

[embedyt][/embedyt] Detroit today is bubbling with new producers and DJs. When Detroit techno made its way from the Motor City in the late ‘80s to overseas locales like London and Berlin, it launched a worldwide phenomenon that quickly grew into a longstanding international techno culture, thanks in part to 1988’s seminal compilation Techno! The New […]

Play that Funky Music White Boy: White Men and they Funk

[embedyt][/embedyt] Play that Funky Music White Boy. Although created by black people, funk music also gave way to many white funk musicians. Funk was really black at first but meanwhile in the midst of all of it were bands such as Sly and The Family Stone which defied stereotypes that funk was all black. While at […]

Wisdom on Black People and Music

Music is the pulse of the nation. Music reflects the times and delivers a raw and unfiltered view on what the human experience is like at the time. No matter how hard the powers that be try to cover up the ways of the world, the truth seeps through in song. Although the journey painful […]


Migos is an American hip hop trio from Lawrenceville, Georgia, formed in 2009. The trio is composed of three rappers, known by their stage names Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff. Migos released their commercial debut single “Versace” in 2013, taken from their mixtape Y.R.N. (Young Rich Niggas). They went on to release several singles, such as “Fight Night” (2014), “Look at My Dab” (2015), and […]

Saturday Night Fever| Imani Ward and Izadora Germain

Saturday Night Fever is a 1977 American musical drama film directed by John Badham. It stars John Travolta as Tony Manera, a working-class young man who spends his weekends dancing and drinking at a local Brooklyn dicotheque; Karen Gorney as Stephanie Mangano, his dance partner and eventuyal confidante; and Donna Pescow as Annette, Tony;s former […]

Bessie Smith

Bessie Smith (April 15, 1894 – September 26, 1937) was an American blues singer. Nicknamed the Empress of the Blues, she was the most popular female blues singer of the 1920s and 1930s. She is often regarded as one of the greatest singers of her era and was a major influence on other jazz singers.