Play that Funky Music White Boy: White Men and they Funk


Play that Funky Music White Boy. Although created by black people, funk music also gave way to many white funk musicians. Funk was really black at first but meanwhile in the midst of all of it were bands such as Sly and The Family Stone which defied stereotypes that funk was all black. While at the time, even to Sly Stone‘s admission in Finding the Funk, it was a marketing gimmick to mix both sexes and all colors. And they were very funky. Some may argue that while it was marketing, it also started a trend that sent a very different message and that message was that white people can be very funky too. Then add in bands along the lines of Average White Band (AWB) and Tower of Power and the trend becomes undeniable.

When AWB came onto the scene, they had even made a statement that their name came from the fact that even an “average white band” could be funky. James Brown took particular offense to that statement and had even temporarily named his band the Above Average Black Band including the release of the single entitled Picking Up The Pieces One By One to riff on AWB‘s major hit Pick Up The Pieces.


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