Evolution of Gospel

The Incredible Timeline of Gospel Evolution By: Alexia Khalil 1920’s: There are not a lot of details available about her, but Mother McCollum was one of the first folk artists to combine gospel elements with her music. She was known for her guitar picking and soulfully singing. Like many women in the music industry, back […]

James Brown

Father of Funk: James Brown By: Alexia Khalil Funky James Born in South Carolina in 1933, James Brown lived an interesting life and left an incredible legacy. In his early adolescence, Brown stole a car and served time in prison where he became the leader of the church choir on the inside. While in prison, […]

The Spirit of Negros Through Music

Negro Spirituals The earliest form of religious music to develop among African Americans in the United States is known as the spiritual. A music born of slavery, this genre symbolized the slave population’s unique expression of Christian religious values and ideals tempered by the social, cultural, and physical experience of prolonged involuntary servitude. The birthing […]

John Coltrane

The Jazzy John Coltrane By: Alexia Khalil Jazzy Journey Born in North Carolina, the composer and saxophonist, John Coltrane, is known for his remarkable music career specifically in the Jazz era. John Coltrane’s most notable piece of work is his mixtape, titled A Love Supreme. Here, John professed his love and devotion to the man upstairs, […]


Rags to Ragtime By: Alexia Khalil From 1896-1920 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. In the late 1800s, there was a different music style created by black people. The style of music was exhibited in many ways. For instance, it was practiced with […]

Brandi – The Princess of R&B

Brandy Norwood: The Princess of R&B By: Alexia Khalil Brandy Rayana Norwood Born in McComb, Mississippi, Brandy Norwood began singing as early as two years old in her small town church home. At age four, her father become the director of the church choir in Carson, California and just a few years later, Brandy knew […]

Get it Back in Blues

Get it Back in Blues By: Alexia Khalil Women in Blues During the Blues era, women were at the forefront of the movement. Like others have done in previous genres, African American women in Blues chose to use this outlet as a source of expression. Women join together to celebrate freedom, independence, and sexual realities. […]

Hidden Treasure: Wheat Street Female Quartet

Honorary Hidden Treasure: Wheat Street Female Quartet By: Alexia Khalil The Wheat Street Female Quartet The Wheat Street Female Quartet originated in Atlanta, Georgia in the early 1900’s, this all female group is not one of those many have heard of or can easily recall. This is not a coincidence in that the identities of […]

Secular Folk

Secular Folk Music 🎵 Among the peoples of Africa music was integrated into daily life as a group activity rather than a performance. Africans used music to accompany them during work, festivities, as well as expressing sentiments. All of these aspects of the African culture were adapted to life in the New World. The acculturation […]