Secular Folk Music 🎵

Among the peoples of Africa music was integrated into daily life as a group activity rather than a performance. Africans used music to accompany them during work, festivities, as well as expressing sentiments. All of these aspects of the African culture were adapted to life in the New World. The acculturation of African music in the New World is what we know now to be folk music.

Key Elements

Some key elements include:

These features all serve as unique pieces to the secular puzzle of folk music.

The Lasting Impact of Folk Music

African American secular music retained characteristics associated with African music. Their skill at improvisation — at making up songs to fit the occasion. to regulate the work at hand, to compliment– was very remarkable to Europeans. At the time, the only way to preserve folk music was through European medium and alot of effort was put into disparging secular music and dancing. However, secular music continued to flourish, becoming more and more popular as the end of the nineteenth century

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