African Roots- African Dancers & A Drummers Rhythm

African Dancers and a Drummers Rhythm

You can’t have African dance without music. The two are inseparable;  In the dance world we know that in Dance, the dancers and the music directors sometimes work together But in traditional African Dance, the drummer is sometimes the LEADER as the dancers follow signals and breaks in the drummers drumming to know what comes next. There is much significance in both Traditional African Dancing and African Drumming and how they come together to create the art seen in the videos presented below.

The Dancer(s)

In Africa, as with other parts of the world, ceremonial dance tells a story. More than mere entertainment, it recounts history, conveys emotion, celebrates rites of passage, and helps to unify communities.African dance is polyrhythmic, meaning that different rhythms are expressed using various parts of the body. The chest, pelvis, arms, and legs may all have their own rhythm, but are moving at the same time. The complexity and challenge of African dance stems from this use of the whole body As well as the intense pace that can be presented depending on the type of dance.

Together Now!

Music and dance are activities that characterize an African musical expression and play an important part in the lives of the people. Many African cultures do not have a word for music and dance. For example, the Kpelle people of Liberia use a single word “sang” to describe a well danced movement.In this case, The combination of the dancer and drum together is always more than exciting to watch, but from my perspective, being apart of this combination before were some of the most exciting moments of my dance career, Highly Recommended!

The Drummer(s)

Rhythm is the driving force behind African dance and many styles can immediately be identified by their characteristic rhythmic beats. Dancers respond to percussive patterns created by drummers, who in turn respond to the dancers. It is a dialogue assisted by spectators who participate in the performance by clapping or stamping their feet. In Africa The drum is much more than just an instrument. The belief is that the djembe drum contains the spirit of the tree from which it was made, the spirit of the animal whose skin is played, and the spirit of the carver or the one who cut the tree and the people who assemble the drum.

Conclusively, In traditional African Dance, the rhythm and the dancing don’t overpower each other, in some cases one may lead the other but in African Culture both the body and the rhythm of the drum hold lots of significance so the combination of these two are truly MAGIC when coming together for celebrations,community purposes,sickness of a relative, or even just for fun!

African Roots- African Dancers & A Drummers Rhythm

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