Day: April 23, 2019

KRS1: The Teacher

KRS-One : LAWRENCE “KRIS” PARKER KRS ONE: MC’S Act Like They Don’t KnowYoutube Video: Click HereStep Into The WorldYoutube Video:Click HereSelf Destruction: The Stop the

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Jasmine Jenkins

Jasmine Jenkins More Posts from this Author Why I Should Not Have to Take the Final I believe that I should not have to take

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Kailen Aldridge

Artist Biography Post Why I Take the Final I should not have to take the final because I am an A student in this class,

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The Impact of Chess Records

The Impact of Chess Records By: Whitney Holmes The Beginning… At the beginning of the 20thcentury, many African Americans migrated up north to places such

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Jazz Music: John Coltrane

During the twentieth century, Jazz was widely regarded as the pinnacle of African American music, distinguished by its professionalism and artistry, the originality and improvisation,

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