Zenesoul Releases “That Love” (music video)

“That Love” by Zenesoul is a spectacular ballad that is well crafted with fresh music and hype lyrics. This romantic RnB track showcases Zenesoul’s magnificent voice with an angelic feel and presence. Swayback and forth and let your fingers and toes tap to this beautiful song. “That Love” is a trip down the highs and lows of romance and challenging relationships. Zenesoul is articulate, versatile, and has a tremendous vocal range that soars high above the clouds. She continues to receive stellar reviews, ratings and likes across YouTube, social media, and streaming platforms.

With its rhythmic flow and laid-back RnB beats, this track is soulful and engaging with every verse. Zenesoul has created a wonderful jam here that will be enjoyed by today’s audiences and old-school romantic song lovers. The composition and video celebrate the everlasting bonds of love and all the challenges that come with relationships. From spending time with your significant lover in the park to chatting on the phone for countless hours, “That Love” captures the allure and essence of finding that someone special as a life partner. The background music is cutting-edge with synthesizers and a steady beat that simply won’t quit.

Zenesoul is as sexy and enticing as her songs. You are sure to play this smash hit over and over after listening to it for the first time — I know I did! If you love new RnB with an old-school yesteryear feel and appeal, take a listen below and get ready for something new!


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