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Thesis Statement

Xavier Omär, born Xavier Dewayne Omär Smith, is an American singer and songwriter known for his soulful and R&B-influenced music. Xavier Omär was born on February 29, 1994, in San Antonio, Texas. He initially gained attention under the stage name SPZRKT (pronounced “Spazzy Rocket”) before deciding to use his birth name professionally. Omär’s music often explores themes of love, relationships, and personal growth.

Artist History

Xavier Omär grew up in a religious household, and his early exposure to music came from gospel and Christian genres. He started his career as SPZRKT and gained recognition for his mix of soul, R&B, and electronic elements. Around 2016, he decided to transition to using his birth name, Xavier Omär, as he felt it better represented his identity and authenticity as an artist. Xavier Omär gained wider attention with the release of his EP “The Everlasting Wave” in 2016 (The entire EP is linked below if anyone is interested in listening). His music discusses love, vulnerability, and self-discovery, resonating with a diverse audience. Xavier Omär has collaborated with various artists and producers in the music industry. He has been featured on tracks with artists such as Sango, Masego, and others. In addition to “The Everlasting Wave,” Xavier Omär has released other projects, including albums and EPs that showcase his evolving musical style. Like many musicians, Xavier Omär has performed live at various venues and events, connecting with fans through his performances. Xavier Omär’s EP “The Everlasting Wave” received positive reviews from both fans and music critics, showcasing his talent for blending soulful and R&B elements. Xavier Omär’s music has contributed to the contemporary R&B and soul landscape, and his unique style has influenced other artists in the genre. Xavier Omär has consistently released music that resonates with a diverse audience, earning him a reputation for creating emotionally charged and introspective songs.

Professional Career

Xavier Omär initially gained attention under the name SPZRKT, pronounced “Spazzy Rocket,” releasing music that blended soul, R&B, and electronic elements. He later transitioned to using his birth name, Xavier Omär, as he continued to refine his sound and artistic identity. Xavier Omär released notable EPs, including “The Everlasting Wave” (2016) and “Pink Lightning” (2018). These projects showcased his soulful vocals and thoughtful lyricism. Xavier Omär collaborated with various artists including “Sango,” expanding his presence in the music scene. Collaborations can be a significant aspect of an artist’s career, helping them reach new audiences and experiment with different styles. Xavier Omär most recently produced an EP entitled “b l u r r” in 2022, and has since produced many singles.


Xavier Omär’s contemporaries in the music industry included artists who were active around the same time and often shared a similar genre or musical style. His contemporaries include Masego, Brent Faiyaz or “Sonder,” Daniel Ceasar, Sabrina Claudio, Jorja Smith, and 6LACK to name a few.


Xavier Omär draws inspiration from a variety of musical genres and artists, which contributes to the unique blend of soulful R&B in his music. Many classic soul and R&B artists have likely influenced Xavier Omär’s sound, given the soulful nature of his music. This could include legends such as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Otis Redding. Given the modern and experimental aspects of Xavier Omär’s music, he may draw inspiration from contemporary alternative R&B artists who blend traditional R&B with elements of electronic, hip-hop, and indie music. Artists like Frank Ocean and The Weeknd could be influences. Lastly, Elements of jazz and blues are often present in soulful R&B music. Artists like Billie Holiday and John Coltrane, known for their contributions to jazz and blues, could have left an imprint on Xavier Omär’s musical palette.


As of 2023, Xavier Omär has yet to secure major awards, but his notable achievements lie in the realm of critical acclaim and acknowledgment for his outstanding talent.

Social Involvment

Xavier Omär has been known for engaging with his audience through various social media platforms and participating in community-related initiatives. Xavier Omär has maintained an active presence on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. These platforms serve as channels for him to communicate with fans, share updates on his music, and express his thoughts on various topics. He has adressed topics such as social justice issues, mental health, and community empowerment for the Black community on his social media platforms.


In conclusion, Xavier Omär is an American singer and songwriter recognized for his soulful and R&B-influenced music. With a career that includes notable EPs like “The Everlasting Wave” and “Pink Lightning,” he has demonstrated a unique style marked by introspective lyrics and emotive vocals. Transitioning from his earlier moniker, SPZRKT, Xavier Omär has collaborated with various artists, contributing to the contemporary R&B and soul landscape. While not a recipient of major industry awards, he has garnered critical acclaim and engages with fans through social media. Xavier Omär’s musical journey reflects an artist dedicated to exploring themes of love, personal growth, and connection in his work. For the latest updates on his career, you can follow his official social media pages and stay tuned for new releases and collaborations.

Xavier Omär NPR Performance

*play “npr tiny desk performance” video from 5:00-8:15

“The Everlasting Wave” (2016) Entire EP



Cover of Moments Spent Loving You}Xavier Omär & Sango (4) – Moments Spent Loving You(11×File, FLAC, Album)RCA Records, XO Creative Club8864480471482019
Cover of If You Feel}If You Feel2 versionsRCA2020

Singles & EPs

Cover of The Everlasting Wave}The Everlasting Wave(8×File, AAC, EP, 256 kbps)Not On Label (Xavier Omär Self-released)none2016
Cover of Hours Spent Loving You}Sango (4) & Xavier Omär – Hours Spent Loving You(7×File, AAC, EP, 256 kbps)Not On Label (Sango (4) Self-released)none2016
Cover of Honest}Honest(File, AAC, Single, 256 kbps)STRT TRBL Music, Incnone2016
Cover of Pink Lightning}Pink Lightning(5×File, AAC, EP, 256 kbps)Empire, Never Sleep Musicnone2017
Cover of Runnin' Round}Runnin’ Round(File, AAC, Single, 256 kbps)Empire, Never Sleep Musicnone2017
Cover of Afraid}Afraid(2×File, AAC, Single, 256 kbps)Red Bull Media House, Never Sleep Musicnone2017
Cover of Blind Man}Blind Man(File, AAC, Single, 256 kbps)Not On Label (Xavier Omär Self-released)none2018
Cover of Easy}Anna Wise & Xavier Omär – Easy(File, AAC, Single, 256 kbps)Home Box Office, Inc.none2018
Cover of Stay There}Brasstracks & Xavier Omär – Stay There(File, AAC, Single, 256 kbps)Not On Label (Brasstracks Self-released)none2018
Cover of Sweet Holy Honey}Sango (4) & Xavier Omär – Sweet Holy Honey(File, AAC, Single, 256 kbps)Last Gang Recordsnone2018
Cover of Thief}Xavier Omär & Sango (4) – Thief(File, AAC, Single, 256 kbps)RCAnone2019
Cover of What Do We Do?}Xavier Omär & Sango (4) – What Do We Do?(File, AAC, Single, 256 kbps)RCAnone2019
Cover of Weight Off My Mind}Alex Wiley & Xavier Omär – Weight Off My Mind(File, AAC, Single, 256 kbps)Not On Label (Alex Wiley Self-released)none2019
Cover of So Much More}So Much More(File, AAC, Single, 256 kbps)RCAnone2020
Cover of All Our Time}All Our Time(File, AAC, Single, 256 kbps)RCAnone2020
Cover of Peppermint Tea}Xavier Omär Feat. Alex Isley – Peppermint Tea(File, MP3, Single)XO Creative Clubnone2022

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