What Difference Does It Make?

Within the African American, music has made a huge difference. Music has been the center of African communities, in every social setting including ceremonies, holidays, family, church, and/ or work. Music is used to uplift their spirits, celebrate love, and even signal despair. It has provided numerous outlets. 

In todays age, music influences so many aspects of people lives, whether we know it or not. What we listen to contributes to our beliefs, values, and mindset. What we take pride in and our attitudes in general. A person who listens to trap music 24/7 does not have the same mindset as a person who listens to classical. We feed off the energy of music and depending on the type of energy effects the mood.

So I do think it makes a difference. Depending on the concept and situation music, it effects peoples response weather its joy, sorrow, or pain. 

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