Background –

He was born in Philadelphia and attended Howard University and Berkeley College of Music. Roney attended Duke Ellington School and made his recording debut with Nation and Haki Mahbuti. He attained distinction as a gifted local performer in D.C and won the Down Beat award for Best Young Jazz Musician of the Year.

He was Known For

•In 1983, while taking part in a tribute to Miles Davis at the Bottom Line in Manhattan, he met his idol. 1991, Roney played with Davis at the Montreux Jazz Festival.. Roney learned his craft directly from Miles Davis. •he received a pair of calls, in the same month, to tour with drummers Tony Williams and Art Blakey, after which Roney became one of the most in-demand trumpet players on the professional circuit. •In 1986, he succeeded TerrenceBlanchard in Blakey’s Jazz Messengers.