U.S.- South Africa Voices of Change Concert with Performances by: The Spelman College Glee Club, NDVOLU Youth Choir, and The Atlanta Music Project Extra Credit by Janae Shaw

On Friday, November 3, 2023, I had the pleasure to attend the Voices of Change Concert, where an ensemble comprising The Atlanta Music Project Senior Youth Choir, The Spelman College Glee Club, and The Ndvolu Youth Choir performed a variety of songs. The entirety of the performance itself was spectacular yet, no group sounded the same. Each group portrayed a different storyline in their music for the audience. 

The Atlanta Music Project Senior Youth Choir gave the opening performance of the evening. This Choir comprises around thirty advanced students in grades 9 through 12.  Ave Maria, a song by Robert Nathaniel Dett, was their first performance. This song has a lot of long-held-out notes and vowel sounds, which can be difficult for younger voices. There was also a solo inside the composition that was done entirely in the Latin Tongue and with beauty within the melody. The Choir’s technique and diction blew me away during this piece. The second performance of the night from the Senior Youth Choir was The Word Was God, by Rosephanye Powell. This composition had a faster tempo and was sung in descant, where the tenors held the song’s melody. Each voice classification in the piece brought a different aspect, causing a beautiful arrangement. The crescendo at the end of the piece was my favorite part because it made the ending dramatic and ear-striking.


The Spelman College Glee Club was the second performance of the evening. Wade in the Water, this composition was assembled by Spelman College’s very own Dr. Kevin Johnson. Wade in the Water is arguably one of the most notable songs about Negro Spirituals. The melodic and low tone was sure to catch the audience’s attention. This was not my first experience hearing this composition by the Spelman College Glee Club; however, it continues to be a fan favorite. The second performance by the Spelman College Glee Club was Children Go Where I Lead Thee, another composition assembled by Dr. Kevin Johnson. This piece was very different from what I usually hear from the choir. I appreciated the dance interlude between the performance and the theatrics involved; this was probably my favorite song ever performed by the Glee Club. The final song by the Spelman College Glee Club, A Choice to Change the World, was one of the most notable songs by the club. This song will always be a great addition to any Spelman Glee Club performance because it depicts what it means to be a Spelman Woman.

The Ndvolu Youth Choir was the night’s final performance, and it was spectacular.  At the start of their performance, everyone stood against the walls of Sister’s Chapel. Two people on stage began to sing, and everyone else joined in unison.  The sound they created was like no other and invoked a feeling deep inside me of peace and joy.  Although the titles of each song performed were unknown, the choir was able to tell a story through singing.  The Ndvolu Choir’s Performance was my favorite the entire night, and I hope to see them live in action again.

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