“Turn Up the Folk Music” Article Critique


"Turn Up The Folk Music" Article Critique

In the article “Turn Up the Folk Music” by Jhanae Askew the author discusses the history and impact that folk music has had throughout time.

Folk music originated during times of enslavement and as a result of high illiteracy rates, was a form of art passed on through oral tradition. The djembe, banjo, and patting juba were all instruments used in the creation of folk music. I was surprised to read that the banjo, often associated with white artists, was originally introduced to The United States by enslaved Africans before it entered the mainstream media. While many overlook the genre, folk music has contributed to numerous impactful music styles today like jazz, the blues, and surprisingly, hip-hop. 

Askew does a great job in covering the various subcategories and aspects that would interest readers as she touches on the following topics: characteristics, social implications, instruments, commodification’s, artists, influences, and lastly shares her opinions and conclusion. While the overall article is informative, not only did Askew fail to cite where she obtained the information presented, but forgot to share her credentials as to why she is qualified to write about folk music.

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