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Artists History

                       Tink is one of the many artists within the new generation that many listen to and relate to, through her musical and vulnerable, yet direct words in her music. Tink, also known as Trinity Laure’Ale Home was born March 18, 1995 in Calumet City, Illinois, an area found very closely within Chicago. Having grown up in a city known for its musical influence, Tink arose. Tink began singing within church at the early age of five and began writing songs at age 11. She would include family and some of her family friends alongside her within her early written songs at this age. Tink attended high school at Chicago’s Simeon Career Academy where she would partake in talent shows and be a part of the school’s choir. Tink began to use her time wisely and took her work very seriously. Tink says, From writing and performing, English tended to be her favorite subject since it allowed her to become stronger in her writing. From then, she began recording and rapping music in her father’s basement studio at the age of 15. A year later, she then recorded a video of her freestyling which then allowed her to gain local recognition within the city of Chicago. 

Professional Career and Contemporaries


                            Earlier in Tinks career, her first mixtape, Winter’s Diary , was released in 2011 and began the light of her career. On this mixtape she made a well known song titled, Treat Me Like Somebody, that is still played often today. 

                                 When releasing the mixtape, Tink was still in highschool. In 2012, she then released two other mixtapes Alter Ego and Blunts and Ballads which led to her recognition with Future Brown. Future Brown is a well known production group within Los Angeles that wanted to sign Tink. However, in this time she felt comfortable staying known as an independent artist. In 2014 and 2015, Tink then gained recognition with the eighth best album by Rolling Stone and ninth-best album by Billboard in 2014. In this time Tink continued to gain more performances which furthered her recognition by the well known artist and producer, Timbaland. In the later part of 2014, Tink then signed with Timbalands Mosleu Music Group, which is an imprint of Epic Records. Later she then made appearances on Worldstar’s Hip-Hop documentary when showcasing Hip-Hop in Chicago.

Going into 2015, Tink was able to release Million which samples Aaliyah’s One in a Million. In the midst of releasing her music, she hit a bump in the road when working with Timbaland when wanting to release Think Tink by Epic Records. The album “was actually finished” with “an intro, I had interludes”, says Tink. Timbaland did not feel comfortable releasing this album. In this midst she released her third mixtape titled Winter’s Diary 3 which featured one of her well known songs, I Like. When wrapping up 2015, Tink also participated in the 2015 XXL Freshman Class Revealed video, which allows new mainstream and upcoming artists to freestyle and perform some of their songs to gain recognition from other artists and producers within the music industry. 

                             This continued throughout the next two years. In these two years, Tink made the decision to become an independent artist and own all the rights to her unreleased music. From this, she felt that she was able to get a fresh start. 

                            In 2018 and 2019, Tink released her first EP Pain & Pleasure through Machine Entertainment Group and Sony RED and another mixtape titled Voicemails. In 2020 she released an album titled Hopeless Romantic and in 2021 she released Heat of the Moment.


                         Tink has similarities and some influences to Lauryn Hill, Ms. Jade, and Da Brat.  Many also agree that she also resembled Nicki Minaj in the earlier parts of her career. She has a good balance of singing and rapping known in her songs for her style. She has versatility ranging within Drill as it originated from Chicago. Tink said she wants to become “a positive, realistic vision of female empowerment”. Tink relies and relates to complex emotional issues geared toward the teenage and young adult demographic within her lyrical contents. Furthermore, she is a well known storyteller that many women can relate to. Tink often uses a Chicago setting to convey her feelings about love, heartbreak, faithfulness, and teenage melodrama. Tink says, I’m not the ideal pop star, not what you see on TV. I look like your best friend.” Tink is truly a trendsetter. Furthermore, she has also taken on issues alongside female empowerment and the Black Lives Matter movement.


                      Tink has been awarded the All Music Year In Review in 2022 for her Pillow Talk album. It was awarded underneath the Favorite R&B Albums. 



                        Tink says, I’m not the ideal pop star, not what you see on TV. “I look like your best friend.” Tink is truly a trendsetter. She has always seemed like a “breath of fresh air” says Timabland. She continuously stands for women who are viewed as “other” within the music industry and continues to show how great of an artist she is. She is the epitome of a woman from Chicago that does well for herself and remains independent. She is relatable and personable which is an important trait to have as an artist. Her work continues to grow and shine bright!






By: Kennedy Olguin

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