Wynton Marsalis: Bending to the Music | San Francisco Classical Voice

Almost like the majority genres of music, jazz music has evolved over time according to each generation since its development. Jazz as a genre has changed dramatically compared its humble beginning in Congo Square. Although jazz’ popularity has decreased tremendously over the past few decades, jazz still has its faithful few that makes up its fan base.

With this has come a new generation of musicians, keeping the sound alive and well. Young musicians like Wynton Marsalis have expressed their love for jazz as today’s commercial music is too vulgar for him.

To bring jazz back to the forefront many new artist believes that it was time for something new. Marsalis along with a new wave of jazz musicians have stirred up controversy amongst themselves when came onto the scene. Critics doe not see I there way (that they renovating and reinventing jazz), but moreso regurgitating the components of jazz that one have come to know and love.

On the other hand, older generations of jazz musicians consider them to be rebellious. The existence of The Young Lyons of Jazz have divided fans and critics alike.

While some believe these musicians are being original and creative to their new approach to jazz music, other feel that they are not presenting anything new.

All in all, these artists can be considered pioneers in their own rights, just as artists such as Louie Armstrong and Miles Davis were, as they carried the future of jazz. Although many may not appreciate their style and delivery, they are doing their part in trying to resuscitate the genre of jazz music as we know it.