The Story of Jazz notes

The true beginning of Jazz began with the slaves in America who used the banjo as one of their main instruments. The history of Jazz is deeply engraved in the cultures of West Africa. Jazz grew to become America’s most popular music because it was the first genre of music that showcased many different cultures from around the world. Buddy Bolden and Louis Armstrong played huge roles in the creation and production of jazz. Louis Armstrong is considered the Father of jazz and the father of the organized solo due to his capability of achieving complex instrumental variety. Although New Orleans was a hotspot for jazz, jazz was not limited to New Orleans and grew popular in major cities like Chicago, New York, and Detroit. By the 1920s, blues and jazz completely dominated especially to southern black audiences who moved North to escape racism in the South. Harlem was also a huge hub for creative jazz music and the Ellington Orchestra became the face for black culture in Harlem. Jazz wasn’t just limited to America though it was known overseas and was a refined art style. Artists like Sam Wooding took his music to Berlin and many other European countries in 1924 kickstarting the spread of jazz around the world. With the creation and use of the radio in the 1930s, Jazz music could be played and enjoyed everywhere around the world as well. 

By: Leah Robinson

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