The Story Jazz Notes

Dasia Byrd
Survey of African American Music
M W F @1

  1. Jazz music is always positive and is very “upbeat”.
  2. Jazz was considered a sin back then to listen too.
  3.  Jazz was the cause of such wild and toxic actions amongst the American people
  4. People who listen or did anything with jazz were looked down upon.
  5. Jazz was created when africans came to America and mixed their music with europeans creating the new genre.
  6. Ragtime is the foundation of jazz music.
  7. Louis Armstrong is the father of jazz.
  8. Louis Armstrong contributed his own style of jazz.
  9. Louis Armstrong created the trumpet solo in jazz.
  10. A lot of Jazz musicians are self taught.
  11. Whites have a dominance in recording in the studios than whites.
  12. Lil Harvey was one of the first female musical analyst.
  13. Soloists spark up jazz band performances.
  14. Harlem became the center of new jazz creation. 
  15. Harlem swing was a style of dance used in jazz.
  16. Jazz would not be accepted by religious people.
  17. Mary Marie Louis becomes one of the first leading ladies in the jazz scenes.
  18.  Kansas City became a place for the western and southern jazz musicians. 
  19. James B Johnson was famous for his abilities on the piano.
  20. Armstrong was able to play high notes consistently.

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