The Soulful Lyricist

Jermaine Lamarr Cole

J Cole is an artist that tells stories and life lessons in raps. His vibe is different from those in the rap game. His lyrics mean a lot of value in his songs.  J Cole fall in a different bracket because the words he speaks in always tell the true of living and the struggles of mental health and being black. His cadence and flow are among the best in the game right now. His Tone has a soulful voice that makes the lyrics he speaks clear as you can hear his message. 

Early Age

Rise to fame

The Hit of fame

  • Jermanine Lamarr Cole was Born on January 28, 1985 
  • Went to Terry Sanford High School in Fayetteville. 

-Became famous from his mixtape “the Come up” in 2007

-Signed to Roc Nation in 2009 

– Net Worth is 60 million(2022)

– One Grammy for “A Lot”

-58 Billboard Hits 

– One #1 “My Life”

The Stories and Lessons of Life

Love Yourz

Crooked Smiles

No Role Modelz

Love yourz in affirmation to tell people to love to live that you have and cherish the moments with your loved ones. He speaks on how the struggles of growing up and how’s it’s shaped him to be blessed.

“No such thing as a life that’s better than yours”

Crooked Smile is a song speaking about the true natural beauty of a black woman and how to love yourself will nobody will. He speaks about how your flaws you unique, and you don’t have to change them to be perfect. 

” Love yourself, girl or nobody will.”

No Role Modelz is a song that speaks about not having a role model in his life to shape him and how he is looking for role models through watching and watching behaviors and learning how to be a better man through his own experience.

“No role models, and I’m here right now.”


4 Your Eyez Only

Wet Dreamz (explict!!)

Hello is a song about looking back on life in regret and wishing that you could reset on life and feeling sad about the what ifs and the hardness of moving on.

“But life is a game with no reset on the end”

4 Your eyez Only is a story about a  father involved in the streets trying to make money for  his daughter Nina but he knows the life he lives will lead to either death or jail. So he writes her a song so she’s knows that he loves her and to tell her how to live different from his past mistakes.

“4 Your Eyez Only”

Wet dreams is a story about how a guy lying to hide his embarrassment of being a virgin and trying to put on this facade to impress a girl that he liked, but it turns the girl was also a virgin and confesses. This stories teaches its audience its okay to be your authentic self.

“I ain’t never did this before”

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