The Rise of Digital Music

Late 2000s Music

by: Deja Johnson & Nia Legrand

Digital Music

The late 200s was an introduction to digital music and mixtape popularity. This was a time when streaming and downloading platforms as MySpace gained popularity. MySpace was a social media platform where users could stream music free. There were also streaming platforms like itunes, Limeware, Napster, Grooveshark, and more where people could legally and illegally download and stream music. Mixtapes were not new to the hip-hop and rap industry as artist made and sold mixtapes in the late 80s and 90s. An iconic mixtape during this time period was Beam Me Up Scotty by Nicki Minaj and was released in 2009.

Digital downloading made music more widely acceptable and began the transition of music. *IN 2005 DIGITAL DOWNLOADING OF MUSIC BECAME THE MOST POPULAR WAY PEOPLE CONSUMED MUSIC. 

*Although hip hop artists generated from all around the nation, In the 2000s an emergence of hip hop artists came from the south region of the United States. 

 Ex: TI, Lil Wayne


These artists helped the branch of hip hop, known as southern rap, to gain more prominence. What was unique about southern rap was that it encompassed the vulgar lyrics from gangsta rap with southern dance music such as bounce music or Miami bass. Also, rappers from the south popularized upbeat hip hop and dance music. One of the specialties during this era of music was crafting dances to the songs.  In the late 2000s, these songs became even more popular with the rise of internet use and digital downloading since people would upload dances to the songs on the internet. 


Mixtape Popularity

In the late 2000s, artists on the rise during this time created mixtapes. Artists created mixtapes because they either lacked the funding to create an album or did not have the resources to make quality music that should go on an album. Mixtapes are generally used for self-promotion and artist for the most part use sampled beats for their music. Mixtapes were also made because some artists feared that their music was not good enough to be labeled an album and so to drive away from the fear of embarrassment they labeled their music mixtapes.

Mixtapes of the Late 2000s

  • Back Like Cooked Crack – Juelz Santana 2005
  • Dedication 2 – Lil Wayne 2006
  • Da Drought 3 -Lil Wayne 2007
  • A Kid Named Cudi – Kid Cudi 2008
  • Bastard – Tyler The Creator 2009
  • Beam Me Up Scotty – Nicki Minaj 2009
  • Coke Wave – French Montana & Max B 2009

Beam Me Up Scotty

Nicki Minaj’s mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty is a classic mixtape of the late 2000s. Her mixtape included features and samples that made the rap charts. The release of this mixtape made a statement for Nicki Minaj in the rap industry. Beam Me Up Scotty consisted of 23 songs with notable features like Drake, and Gucci Mane.  It showed that she was diverse when it came to making music. This is the perfect example of a mixtape. 

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