Keith Sweat

Who is Keith Sweat.. Born July 22, 1961 to Juanita and Charles Sweat in Harlem, New York. Keith lost his father when he was 12, making a huge impact in his life. At the age of 14 he joined a band called Jamilah in Harlem. He often traveled across the city performing. Keith attended city college in New York while singing, receiving a degree in communications. While in college he worked a side job as a Macy’s clerk. Once graduating college he branched out on his own as an r&b artists performing at nightclubs. 

His first single “My Mind is Made Up” was a hit. He then started co writing music for other artists. In 1987 Keith released his debut album “Make it Last Forever” being the start of a very successful career. Many of his songs topped the r&b charts. His album sold over 3 million copies. His second album ” I’ll Give All My Love to You” reached 3rd on the billboard charts. In the early 90’s a new era started called New Jack Swing consisting of a mixture of soul, funk, and rap. Keith made an album called “Keep it Coming” to start the new genre. 

In 1996 he took a break from the music industry and opened up a nightclub for celebrities. After the opening he released an album consisting of the hit tracks “Twisted” and “Nobody”. He later went on to debut many more albums as well as produce his record label “Keia Records”. He also appeared in some television shows, such as the Wayne Brothers show. In 2007 Keith began a radio show called ‘Sweat Hotel” consisting of showing the hottest music out. In 1992 Keith married Lisa Wu, and later divorced in 2002. They share two sons together, Jordan Sweat and Justin Sweat. He also has two daughters Keyshia Sweat and Keia Sweat. Keith never remarried. He now is traveling across the country performing and continues to produce new artists through his label. 


  • Make It Last Forever – 1987
  • I’ll Give All My Love to You – 1990
  • Keep It Coming – 1991
  • Get Up on It – 1994
  • Keith Sweat – 1996
  • Still in the Game – 1998
  • Didn’t See Me Coming – 2000
  • Rebirth – 2002
  • Keith Sweat Live – 2003
  • Christmas of Love – 2007
  • Sweat Hotel Live – 2007
  • Just Me – 2008
  • Some More – 2008
  • Ridin’ Solo – 2010

  • Awards:
  • Favorite Soul/ R&B Album- 1989
  • Favorite Soul/ R&B Male Artist- 1991
  • Favorite Soul/ R&B Male Artist- 1997
  • Favorite Soul/ R&B Male Artist- 1998
  • Lifetime Achievement Award- 2013