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Today I decided to do a blog. After listening to Seth Godin and myself over and over again, it makes sense for me to communicate with God knows who on a daily basis. My opinions and musings can in fact help someone or at least entertain. I have decided to overcome the fear of not being perfect all the time and just share. So, today marks day one of the journey through the blogisphere. I will use it to share something daily that may help humanity in some way. Feel free to like and/or dislike it. At least you’ll have to read it to decide which it will be and having folks read it is in fact the goal.


The Carona Virus has affected us all and has been a challenge for the world. My family has been affected by it, my profession has been affected by it, by small business has been affected by it, and I think constantly about how the future will be affected by it. My creativity as been disrupted by it and I have decided to live purposely because of it. The virus has challenged me to consider things that I never really though deeply about for 50 years of my life.I never appreciated my profession as much as I do now that I can’t “really” do it. Performing music was something that I always did as easily without really thinking about it like I put on shoes. But like shoes, now that I don’t have any, my performance feet really hurt.


I remember performing my commission work with the Atlanta Ballet at the beginning of 2020 never thinking that it would be my last performance in front of an audience for a long time.  I clearly remember the excited audience who were sitting in the first row “the good seats” leaning over talking to me in the orchestra pit. It kind of felt like the excitement of the beginning of a sporting event with anticipation of the coming performance. It kind of felt like church too. They leaned over the orchestra pit railing as if they were excited about the coming sermon that would move them to shout and dance and they were ready. I remember feeling a bit nervous in my belly waiting for the orchestra light to come on indicated that I should start playing the grand piano in front of me as the talented dancers entered the stage. It was an exciting and fulfilling moment that I didn’t fully appreciate then as much as I do now. 


When will performances resume? 


When will life resume as we knew it? 


Should I find something else to do? 


Questions abound and uncertainty permeates the landscape of my mind. Nothing left to do but trust in a power greater than mine. Time for faith to kick in and provide stability or at least hope. In the meantime, I’ll keep writing this blog hoping that my words can help someone cope with the uncertainty of these times we’re living in. Maybe even give a little insight for people looking in a similar direction. 


For now, keep the faith! 



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