The Influence of Techno in Music Today

Techno is electric dance music that originated in Detroit, Michigan. Their are many sub-geners such as acid, minimal, ambient, dub and house. Dub seems to be the biggest part of Techno that has been most popular in the white community as it was their way of appropriating our Techno music and calling it there own creativity. House Techno is the most popular techno currently as many current artist have been creating more dancing music with jazz element influences.

Detroit Techno

The originators of Techno are Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, and Juan Atkins most popularly known as the “Belleville 3”. Their movement first started with just the love of music, sounds, and Chicago’s House Clubs which ended up turning into a mix of sounds and then Detroit Techno.


Dubstep originated in London in the late 1990s, it is a form of electronic dance music which was heavily influenced by Detroit Techno and is even more popular now in the white community amongst their Raves and other things.


House music originated in Chicago as a branch of the Detroit Techno and is the most popular sub-genre of Techno today. It was created by Club Djs and music producers as it consist with many beats and instrumentals with little to no vocals. Artist today such as Ravyn Lanae, Rancido, Cuebur, etc. have given Techno a new name with much flavor.


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