By: Dasia Byrd
Survey of African American Music
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Jazz is one of the most important genres of music there is. In jazz there are many rhythmic, swing, and blue notes. It can express many different emotions from pain to joy. There are many types of styles to jazz. There are also many ways to perform it as shown in the movie. In jazz you can hear sounds of freedom and remorse which paved a voice for people who suffer because of the color of their skin or the ruler of the country they are from. Jazz players play their music in their own district way. Louis Armstrong is a famous jazz musician. ​

Charlie Parker a jazz artist. His expertise was in Bebop.

Bebop is a style of jazz that came about in the mid 40s. The style consists of fast tempos, rapid chord and key changes, and a combination of harmonic structure or melody. Charlie Parker was the leading artist for this style of jazz. He was known for playing the saxophone. He didn’t see himself as an artist but more of an entertainer. Bebop doesn’t involve dancing and is only concentrated on the tempo. The bebop instruments group consists of the saxophone, trumpet, piano, guitar, double bass, and drums. During the time people preferred Swing Jazz because it was easier to dance to. It was created from a reaction to big band and swing. It created a new sub-genre of jazz and it also distinguishes a richer and denser harmonic language through solos.

In the 30s, The Great Depression rose throughout the nation. 60 percent of African American men had no work and were jobless. People began looking for work. Black musicians were banned from radio stations and studios.