The Impact of African Traditions

Africans brought so many of their traditions to the Americas. We, as African Americans, are forever grateful to have the opportunity to learn from these traditions, and even practice them. Africans introduced us to things like music, ways to heal, and values that we were raised by. Although we don’t practice those traditions often, the impact is still significant today. 

Musical Traditions

Africa’s musical traditions are so diverse because of the many cultures that make up the country. Their music is used to tell stories, communicate with others, and heal. The djembe, with its 3 sounds— bass, tone, and slap— is a pivotal asset to these traditions. It has been used at baptisms, weddings, funerals, and during slavery. Today, music is still used at these types of celebrations.

Medicinal Traditions

Some African medicinal practices include fasting, spirituals, the use of midwives, and herbs. We use all of these practices when giving birth, experiencing a common cold, trying to reach a goal, or just to do a bodily cleanse. Fasting and spirituals are mostly seen in church. We use herbs often in our food and teas, especially when we are sick. 


Cultural values that we use like hospitality, respecting our elders, respecting authority, religion, and the importance of relationships all come from our African ancestors. Just about every Black family instills these values into each generation. These values have molded the way we think, treat people, and live our everyday lives. 


In conclusion, African traditions made such a strong impact that we still use them today after 100s of years. Our lifestyles are heavily influenced by things that our African ancestors created and passed on through generations. I never realized how much of an impact African traditions and cultures had on our lives until taking this class and doing research.

                                                        I will forever be indebted to our ancestors. 

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