The Gospel Period of Jubilee Quartet by: Trinity Sanders

The popularity of the Jubilee style moved from universities to black churches, where quartets began to absorb much of the energy and freedom of Gospel music, singing before audiences with a tradition of enthusiastic response. In 1949-1969, the Jubilee Quartet went through their gospel period and was called “Gospel Quartets”. Jubilee Quartet Gospel songs’ lyrics were profoundly entrenched in Christian and religious themes, frequently imparting messages of faith, salvation, and hope. The Jubilee Quartet style influenced the development of following gospel music genres such as gospel choirs, contemporary gospel, and even the rise of R&B. Jubilee Quartet work included precisely crafted harmonies, with members frequently singing in close harmony. African-American spirituals and gospel music influenced this vocal style by putting their unique spin on them. Some well-known Jubilee Quartet Gospel groups from this period include the Fisk Jubilee Singers, the Golden Gate Quartet, and the Soul Stirrers. Overall, the Jubilee Quartet Gospel period represents an essential chapter in the history of African-American music and played a crucial role in shaping the evolution of gospel music as a genre.

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