The Five Blind Boys of Alamba

What is a ” Jubilee Quartet”

A Jubilee Quartet is s a style of music in which a group of African American Men or women would sing religious (gospel) music. These groups were most popular between the 19th and 20th Century. A quartet may be described as a group of singers that contains four or more members who would sing in harmony, and in acapella. There could be some help of instruments, but that was very minimal. 


Introduction to The Blind Boys of Alabama 

The origins of the Five Blind Boys of Alabama were found at the Talladega Alabama Institute of the Death and Blind in the late 1930’s. The Original Members include: Clarence Fountain,George Scott, Vel Bozman Traylor, Johnny Fields, Olice Tomas, and J.T Hutton. When these men were kids, they sang at the Institution. The group has developed immensely over the years and has tweaked their style in order to match the era’s vibe. No matter how much the group has developed, they still contain the same gospel message. The group used traditional Jubilee Gospel and some elements of hard gospel music. Past members include: Bishop Billy Bowers, Caleb Butler, Samuel Butler Junior, Roscoe Robinson, Charles Porter, Dwight Fields, Paul Beasley, Stephen Raynard Landson, and Peter Levin. The current members of the group include Jimmy Carter, Ben Moore, Ricky McKinnie, and Joey Williams.




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