Scat singing is an art form that was developed and utilized in jazz. The roots can be traced back to West Africa , there they would take a percussive line of music and a vocals to by giving it certain syllables.  Jazz as an art form can be traced back to African and many elements of jazz emulate the culture. 

Scating originated in New Orleans along with trad jazz. However, it can also be found in some forms of early blues and washboard- band recordings all be it underdeveloped.  Although known for his trumpet skills Louis Armstrong voice was distinct and loved by all. His scatting would sound much like his trumpet solos with various improvisations but never losing the virtuosity and timbre.  Scating was even used as a model for one of the most prestigious operas Porgy and Bess for the character Sporting’ Life. 


Ella Fitzgerald really helped to take Scat singing to the next level. Much like bebop required a greater ability and understanding of music and its movements, Ella elevated scating to match it.  She was know for imitating for various instruments used in  jazz which increased her range along with fluctuating the timber. 

As Jazz continued to evolve so did scat singing. Free jazz gave rise to the introduction of techniques being borrowed from other countries and incorporation of things like yodeling in to the art form. In the Mid 70's we see a revival of bop scating with singers like Betty Carter and Eddie Jefferson being at the forefront.

WHAT....? HOW....?

Scat Singing is using wordless syllables and sounds give the vocalist the ability to sound instrument like while expanding there vocal range and leading way to some amazing improvisations. 

To really understanding scating you have to allow you self to learn how to properly utilize different resonance chambers with in your body.  Most syllables utilize in Scat singing come from the person singing, there’s no exact formula that the one has to follow.  The singer should ensure that pitch, melodic contour, rhythms, articulation and accents can all be felt in there singing.  As you mature in your vocal abilities the more complex rhythms often add more to the piece.

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