Techno music was developed in the heart of Detroit, Michigan in 1980. It is a genre of electronic dance music. It was a combination of African American music styling, with inspirations from Chicago, funk, electric jazz, and synthesizers. Synthesizers are computer based beats and instrumentalist sounds. Interestingly enough, techno was created by three African American high school students know as, ” The Belleville Three”. Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson created their own style of music combining different elements to make their desirable sound. This genre became wildly popular, it even went international and would often be played in European clubs and all across American at parties, house functions, clubs and more. 
Techno music was developed in the 1980s and was influenced by mixtures of different types of sounds including: electro, funk, and electric jazz. The style of techno was influenced by futuristic themes that become the top tier style of American culture during that time. Techno is also very intersectional, there is acid techno, Detroit techno, ambient techno, and industrial techno. Which are all similar but have distinct sounds.
The elements of techno music includes a “four on the floor” beat approach that has a steady four count beat. House music is another genre under the umbrella of techno that is seen to be a bit slower and uses a break beat that they speed up. In the 80’s the artist used DAWS (Digital Audio Workshops) and they would add different records and songs to the spice up their sets. 

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